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Martial Arts and Magic in ES
« on: April 13, 2013, 08:35:08 PM »
So I was doing some thinking, why there is no "martial arts" in ES universe, i know Redgaurds haw there sword teknics, argonians prefer dual wield no armor fighting styles, and the closest thin that can relate to martial arts is Khajiit "monk" unarmed combat, but still in a world Plagued by war unarmed combat would be almost a must in military or just a way to keep population combat ready in case of invasion. And then i got the idea that blew my mind, There is Alternation magic that can fortifie skin (aka Stone skin and etc) and if it would be combined with Unarmed combat with help of power of Destruction magic and its Touch spells, it would be a deadly force few would be willing to challenge.

Did i miss some lore  aspect that i dint read? Or they just deem this unnecessary to mention?
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Re: Martial Arts and Magic in ES
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I've been playing a lot of Elder Scrolls III:Morrowind lately, and have been on the receiving end of such attacks quite often. In particular, two Redoran monks in Marandus were beating up on me with their fists. I had a Daedric longsword and decent armour, but I was getting dealt to severely, getting dumped to the ground so often I spent more time kissing the dirt than facing my attackers. When I checked my stats, they had lowered my Fatigue to -5 and I was magically encumbered by their touch too. Couldn't stand up, couldn't escape, if it weren't for the cheat codes I would have been toast! And they were unarmed!